Contact Lens Exams

At Optimed Optometry and ArtSEE Eyewear, we offer a wide variety of contact lenses and can prescribe the best contact lens prescription for you. Our Doctors personally conduct each contact lens examination and use their expertise to correct most prescriptions with contact lenses. Contact lenses are an excellent method of vision correction and a great addition to spectacle correction, especially for patients who lead an active lifestyle or prefer not to wear glasses.

At Optimed Optometry and ArtSEE Eyewear, we offer:

  • Daily disposable lenses, bi-weekly disposable lenses, and monthly disposable lenses.
  • Hard/Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (Spherical, Astigmatism/toric, bifocal, and multifocal)
  • Transition Disposable contact lenses
  • Spherical, Astigmatism/toric, monovision and multifocal contact lenses

Previous contact lens wearers:

As a regular contact lens wearer, it is recommended to have a full eye exam, with a contact lens assessment every year. The doctors of Optometry will examine your vision with the contact lenses and assess your ocular health. Contact lenses are a wonderful addition to your spectacles, but they are also a medical device touching the surface of your eye. Since contact lenses are covering the surface of the eye, it is important to make sure that your eyes are still receiving enough oxygen, and moisture. The cornea (the clear surface of the eye) is a delicate ocular area, especially if wearing contact lenses, and needs to be monitored closely. Our Doctors of Optometry will look at all these aspects in your examination and assist you in choosing the best type of contact lens for you, vision-wise and health-wise.

New contact lens wearers or previous contact lens wearers, who would like to try something different

If you are interested in trying contact lenses for the first time or if you would like to switch your current contact lens to a new type of lens, our Doctors of Optometry are ready to offer their expertise and explore your options! At Optimed Optometry and ArtSEE Eyewear, we provide a very thorough contact lens examination, which includes a contact lens fitting and necessary follow ups with the Doctor. As with any medical device, a contact lens, has to be carefully fitted, measured and assessed for each particular patient. The Optometrist will first see if a patient is a possible candidate for contact lenses and then a licensed contact lens fitter will train patients in the proper care of contact lenses. A typical contact lens training session will last approximately an hour. You will learn how to clean, insert and remove your contact lenses safely, with some trial lenses. The eye doctor will then assess the vision and fit of the contact lenses. There is a possibility that additional follow ups by the doctor may be necessary. A contact lens prescription will be issued to a patient, once the eye doctor and the patient are happy with the outcome.

It is important to know that patients need to have their ocular health and vision checked in a routine examination before beginning the contact lens process. Contact lenses are not always suitable for everyone. There are many reasons certain individuals are unable to wear contact lenses. It may be due to a health condition, such as dry eye syndrome, or even the shape of their eye may not allow them to wear contact lenses. A routine eye examination is the first step in finding out if contact lenses are right for you and your ocular health.

Our Doctors of Optometry are more than happy to see you for this routine check. However, we are also happy to solely see you for the contact lens examination, if you have had another full eye exam somewhere else within the last year. All we require is a report from your current optometrist, with a summary of your ocular health and vision check.

For a contact lens examination, or to find out if you are a candidate for contact lenses, make an appointment with one of our doctors today.

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