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At ArtSEE Eyewear, we offer an ever changing selection of carefully curated eyewear
While we aren't opposed to selling the same piece more than once, our philosophy is to bring different models or colours in each order. This way, you're constantly finding new treasures and less likely to end up with the same frame as your co-worker. New frames and sunglasses arrive weekly, each location carrying a different selection. You'll have to come and SEE for yourself. You are, after all, anything but ordinary.

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There are oodles and oodles of lenses to choose from, and more innovation in design coming every day.

When you come into ArtSEE Eyewear, one of the first things we will ask you about is your prescription. As Opticians, we are really interested in matching you to the correct type of lenses for your needs. In our consultation, we will assess a variety of lens options for you.  We have access to almost all makes and models of lenses and lens manufacturers including ESSILOR/VARILUX, NIKON and ZEISS.

Most lenses are now made digitally which will offer the wearer more accurate, clearer vision. Here’s the “Cole’s Notes” of lenses if you want to indulge your inner geek.

All of these choices are available in a variety of lens materials, with different coatings, ultraviolet protection, blue light protection (an emerging science) and tints. We have the thinnest lenses available on the market and are always seeking the latest developments in lens technology. Often, the lens manufacturers have our offices trial new lens technologies for “real world” feedback, before they are launched to a wider array of professionals.

Give us a call to setup an appointment with one of our Licensed Opticians and we will help you find solutions specific to you!




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