Trina Mendria, OpticianWell I’m back from my whirlwind buying trip in New York City, and what a city it is! The vibrancy and busyness draws you into it’s magic while the excitement around the city gets your mind churning.

The collections this season featured softer colours and finer cuts to the acetate frames, softening the super chunky styles of the past few years. Something new was a bit more glamour ­gold, as well as black and gold combinations were very striking. Look for this in the Dita frames arriving any day now. Boz had some playful asymmetrical frame combinations that will bring out your inner child. Lindberg, has introduced a new temple design and two new colours into their n.o.w. collection ­navy blue and purple which will create some stunning colour combinations.

The vintage trend is still strong, with a modern twist on that retro styling. JFRey, Dita, SALT and Speak Easy all had strong offerings in this department. We have historically carried the SALT collection only at our Oak Bay location but we have now added it to our Broadmead location as well.

For sunglasses, you’re in for a treat this year. The Thierry Lasry are stunning again this year and feature a lot of soft violets, plums and grey. Dita sunglasses for men and women are drool worthy with their confident styles worthy to match yours.

While some of the frames have already arrived, some frames will be arriving over the next few months. Collections such as Dita and Orgreen can take four to six months to produce a frame from start to finish. There’s plenty to see, and as always, plenty to look forward to at ArtSEE Eyewear. See you soon!