sport glassesThere use to be a time when sports eyewear was functional but certainly not fashionable. As a matter of fact, the glasses looked like they belonged in 8th grade biology labs instead of on the faces of serious athletes.

Nowadays, amateur and pro athletes alike don’t have to choose between being safe and looking attractive. They can come to ArtSEE Eyewear and pick up pairs of sports glasses that have it all.

Why? At ArtSEE Eyewear, we keep an array of Adidas sports glasses and OVP “certified” eyewear in stock. And we must say, the features that come with the Adidas eyewear are simply amazing. Not only do they have wrap-around frames and head straps, they’ve also include:

  • Resistance to Water, Grime and Wind Blown Debris
  • Resistance to Scratches and Temperature Changes
  • Anti-Fogging and Have Ventilated Nose Covers
  • Ability to be worn with Protective Headgear
  • Lenses with 100% UVA/UVB/UVC Protection
  • Changeable Lenses and Lens Fixation
  • Sweat Blocking Rims and Bridges
  • No-Slip Nose Pads and Temples
  • Quick-Release Hinges

In our opinion, that helps to make the company’s sports eyewear collections one of the best in the world.

As for the Occupational Vision Plan eyewear, they sport all of the highly coveted safety features one could want too. And we’ll even help you determine whether or not your employer may be willing to pick up the tab for your safety eyewear. In our experience, some employers will do so, depending on your job tasks and the safety eyewear’s overall design.

In addition to having stylish sports and safety eyewear in stock, we also have two Optometrists on premise that can check out your eyes before you select a frame. That way, you’ll be sure that your lens prescription is up-to-date before making another eyewear purchase. To learn more about the safety and sports eyewear that we have on hand, please contact us today.