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kids eyewear

We have eyewear for everyone in your family!

There’s no doubt about it, glasses have reached stardom when it comes to kids opinions. We often have “creative” answers when the eye exams are happening because they WANT them, they’re so stylish. While our Optometrists can tell the difference between wishful answers and the real deal, if your child does need them, you’re going to like what we have in store. Sweet looking and smaller versions of the adult styles are the most appealing. Want orange or lime green? We have those. Want the ones with the interchangeable temples, yup, got em too. And parents, rest easy – the lenses come impact resistant for safety, UV protected for health and scratch resistant coated for durability, all with a 2 year warranty. Transition lenses are a good idea for our youth too, incorporating the sunglass component for active lifestyles, or we also carry prescription sunglasses.


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