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Protect Your Eyes with Fashionable and Functional Sunglasses

As fortunate inhabitants of this beautiful island, we enjoy lifestyles that embrace the splendor of our surroundings. Whether it’s sailing the Salish Sea, paddle boarding the Gorge or mountain biking the Hartland trails, we’ve got you covered. Maybe your adventures include cycling to work, running the Westsong Walkway or horseback riding around the Lakes. Whether you’re walking Dallas Road with your furry critter or chilling on an outdoor patio, our eyeballs need protection. It’s not just the eyes themselves that need UV protection either. It’s the skin around our eyes; a prevalent location for skin cancers.

We understand what you need for the dappled light you get trail riding, the blinding glare off the ocean and the bright light low on the horizon you get driving the kids to school. We have your style base covered AND have the technical products for your adventurous lifestyles too. So, you need to know, we’re going to be inquiring minds when you come in. We want to make sure we match you up with the best eyewear options for whatever your adventures include. We can’t wait to hear all about it!


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