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Sport & Safety

The incredible, precious, amazing eyeballs of yours have a lifetime of hard work ahead for you. Sometimes, literally in the blink of an eye, accidents can happen. From wayward branches doing yard work, to errant rocks kicked up from vehicles on your cycle home – eye protection is not to be overlooked. While sports eyewear can have some racy styles, traditional safety glasses tend to fall short of the heights of fashion. In your everyday eyewear, you can elect for impact resistant lenses, a great idea for children too, and still indulge your terrific fashion sense. These help protect your eyes from real life scenarios that, hopefully, never happen to you! For the highest priority of safety, we work with the Occupational Vision Program (OVP) offered through many industrial employers and have a decent selection of “certified” eyewear through that program. Safety eyewear often needs consideration for not only impact resistance, but also can have fire retardant and flying debris considerations too. Often, we can bill your employer directly for this type of eyewear through the program (there will be some paperwork you’ll need to bring us). Talk to us about your lifestyle both at work and play and we will make sure your eyewear meets your needs.


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