Suffering from migraines is an unfortunate affliction for many of us. A common trigger, either for the migraine itself or, during a migraine is LIGHT. A study by researchers at the University of Birmingham, England tested a group of migraine sufferers giving by them a specific coloured tint, which block out certain wavelengths of light, to wear with promising results. This tint, called FL41 is a rose/orange coloured tint that blocks light in the Blue/Green spectrum and can be a natural way to provide effective migraine relief. It has also shown to be effective in mitigating the frequency of blepharospasm, and other light-sensitive conditions. Participants experienced a reduction in the number of migraines, from 6.2 episodes per month to 1.6 episodes per month.

Over 90% of migraine sufferers are sensitive to light.[1,2]During a migraine attack, sufferers are bothered by light and prefer to be in a dark room. Migraine sufferers are particularly sensitive to non-incandescent indoor lighting sources such as fluorescent lights, computer monitors, and gas-vapor lamps. Cells found in the ganglion cell layer of the retina appear to be at the beginning of the light-induced “pain pathway”. These light sensitive cells may be responsible for triggering light sensitivity and headaches in some people.

artSEE eyewear now provides FL41 lenses – precisely-tuned tints that block the light implicated in triggering and exacerbating migraines. For some patients, the improvement can be dramatic, allowing patients disabled by headache and photophobia to return to work. For others, it doesn’t offer any relief. FL41 tints aren’t a “magic bullet” for migraine sufferers, but for those who do experience relief, it can be life changing. As Opticians, we aren’t experts in migraine, and we don’t have a way to “know” whether the FL41 tint will offer you relief. Our expertise relates more to the product than the cause.

We have developed a few options to try without having to commit to having a prescription pair made for you. There are 3 different densities (darknesses) of tints to choose from depending on what conditions you are planning to wear them in. You may require separate indoor and outdoor pairs.

Option 1 – Fitovers with FL41 tints. We have been happy with the fit, style and comfort of the Fitovers by Johnathan Paul for over a decade. We can retrofit the model of your choice with a FL41 tint in one of the 3 different lens densities for $169. This is a great way to experiment with the tint whether you wear glasses or not because they can fit over your existing glasses. You can choose to only wear them in your trigger scenarios (fluorescent lighting, computer use, migraine onset) or more often.

Option 2 – Have the plano (non-prescription) lenses mounted in your own frame for $159 (includes edging the lenses into your frame) or choose one of our beautiful frames (frame prices range from $129 on up). If you choose one of our frames, the FL41 lenses are $129.

Option 3 – have a custom made clip on made for your frames for $259. This makes them easy to pop on and off. We would need to send your frame away to have the clip on made and this takes approximately 10-14 days. This can also be a great item to add to your new frame and lens purchase, allowing you to have the flexibility to have the lenses clear, without any tint.

Option 4 – Custom made glasses to your prescription in the frame of your choice. This is the most tailor made option, allowing you to make your frame selection based on your preferences (often a lightweight frame is optimal for migraine sufferers). The cost to add this tint to your prescription lenses is $130. You can still choose the other lens treatments such as UV protection and anti-reflection coatings.