Lafont Eyeglasses

The last few weeks, fashionable tweens, teens and college students have been busy going through our eyewear collections in search of the perfect pair of back-to-school eyeglasses. One designer that has undeniably been getting rave reviews in the process is Parisian, Louis Lafont.

Here’s a peek at why:

Lafont’s Issy & La Collection is one of the finest around. It features several models, including the Margot. It is ideal for students that prefer a full, single bridge, lightweight frame with oval shape lenses. What many love about them are their pops of colour, temple detail and ability to balance out the look of an elongated nose. The balancing act comes courtesy of the eyeglasses’ oval lenses and detailing on both the frame’s outer edges and arms.

They are not the only eyeglasses in the Frenchman’s Issy & La Collection that will help flatter those born with long noses either. The list of others includes, but is not limited to:

• Nature and Hit Parade
• Gringo and Matisse
• Mode and Hanae
• Fizz and Enzo
• Denver and Odeon
• Obi and Eames

The eyewear designer also has many different frames in his collection that would make an exceptional choice for students with inherently thin faces. Some of the most popular tend to be those with wide, cut-out style arms, like the Evidence, Audace and Frida models. The Frida is part of the Issy & La Collection whereas the other two are in a class by themselves.

All three are full rim with a single bridge. However, the Frida sports rectangular shaped lenses and the other two are classified as ovals. The attractive, thick arms and cut-outs help draw the eyes outward, thereby giving the appearance of a full face. Similar may be said for the eyeglasses’ rectangular shaped lenses

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