eye examHaving regular eye exams, on a consistent basis, is your best bet in making sure you have healthy eyes. It is recommended that you have an eye exam every year, if you are under the age of 19 or over the age of 65, otherwise every 2 years. If you have a family history of any kind of eye disease or a medical disease, such as diabetes, or you wear contact lenses you may need to have eye exams more often. Over the course of a year, a person’s vision can change quite considerably.

If you have enjoyed perfect eyesight and therefore feel like you do not need an eye exam, remember that there may be other signs that are reason to call your Optometrist to make an appointment:


Many times when we have a headache, we do not think too much about it because we see it as being somewhat normal. However, having headaches can be a sign of something more serious. If you experience consistent headaches, it could be your eyes telling you that they cannot focus properly or some other health related issue. Make an appointment for an eye exam and have your Optometrist rule out any concerns.

Quick Changes In Vision

If you realize any sudden changes in your vision, such as difficulty reading a book or even watching a movie or television show, it will be a good idea to schedule an eye exam right away. If your vision is becoming blurry or you are having trouble getting your eyes to focus on something, have your Optometrist check them out. Blurred vision or issues focusing can be an indication of other health issues.

More Signs That You Will Need An Eye Exam

  • Pain in your eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Visual disturbances
  • Dry eyes, itchy eyes, red eyes
  • Difficulty driving in the night
  • You have no idea when your last eye exam was

Although these are signs that you may need an eye exam, you do not want to wait until you experience these signs. An eye exam benefits you and your health in more ways than you may realize. Contact us if you are concerned about your eyes and need an exam.