We have always been passionate about finding creative eyewear options for you. Historically, we would watch our clients find a fabulous frame, perhaps a little bolder than they’re used to, and then shy away from it for fear of feeling limited or restricted in their other fashion choices. First, there is nothing you wear more consistently than your eyewear – could you imagine choosing a shirt to wear every day for the next 2 years? While the cost of additional pairs of glasses is a consideration, your eyewear is not only an integral part of your vision, but also a great fashion staple in your wardrobe. Secondly, it’s not as scary as you think! Enter the world of interchangeable eyewear.

Dilem: This collection offers the same look on the front of the frame (in a wide array of styles and colours) while getting creative with the SIDE (temples) of the frame. Snap on some classic polka dots, zest it up with a pop of colour to incorporate the latest trends in colour this season. Wide or narrow, bring on the bling – or basic black. You can make the most of your investment and continue to add to them over the following months and years all without feeling “restricted or limited”. On the contrary, they’re limitless! Check them out at www.dilem.fr

Zenka: Long time followers of ArtSEE eyewear may already know our long time love affair with Zenka and our “break up” last year. Due to a change in ownership and distribution of Zenka we decided we needed to “take a break” from each other. Knowing that strong relationships need time to nurture and are worth the extra effort, we gave Zenka a chance to “figure out what they really wanted”. It was worth the wait…WE’RE BACK TOGETHER!!! You are going to LOVE their new collection called “Face A Cie”. Made from lightweight TNG (technopolymer), these French beauties offer a modern, larger style with clips that snap onto the FRONT of the frame, completely changing the look. Embrace colour and layer textures over the front of your Face A Cie frame.

We can still order clips for some of the earlier versions from the Zenka MOVI and ZAPPING collections, too. New patterns, including polka dots, rainbow stripes, and animal prints are now available for the MOVI 5, 6 and 7, Zapping and Slide. Explore the world of Zenka at www.zenka.fr (click on the union jack symbol on the top right corner for English).