As the days cool down and the leaves change colour, fashionable eyeglasses for the fall are also coming into focus. This year, fall designs are favouring the bold yet retro look with two-toned frames, cat-eye and round shapes, heavy brow lines, and thick frames. Any of these frames present a vintage feel with a modern twist, perfect for a fashion-forward professional or student making a bold statement. Despite the trends, the essential element is to own the style in your own way. Make it your own version of the trend and you’ll be the one enjoying all the compliments on your new eyewear.

  1. Heavy Brow Bar

Men and women can get the studious look with frames featuring thick brow bars. A look that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s, brow line glasses are making an attractive comeback. Paired with a cup of coffee and a good book, this design will give anyone an air of sophistication. The Dita, Lafont and Lindberg collections includes many colours and styles featuring the heavy brow bar.

  1. Two-Toned Frames

Two-toned frames can give that warm, bold look–a perfect match for fall wardrobes mixed with cozy sweaters and scarves. Our collection includes great options from Roger which are particularly bold, with bright colours and shades to add a bright accent to any wardrobe. Look for this collection at our Broadmead location. JFRey and Boz are two collections that incorporate the two-tone style as well as a round shape or bold and thick style. Now you’re talking! You can find the JFRey and Boz at both locations.

  1.  Round-Eye Shape

Whether oversized, or perfectly round, round frames can soften features on square face shapes. Round frames are in line with the retro trends of the season and add a hipster feel. Masunaga, the stylish Japanese brand offer beautiful vintage reproductions for that extra suave look. Did you know Masunaga has been hand-crafting frames since 1905? Look for this collection at our Oak Bay location.

  1. Cat-Eye Style

Whether soft or sharp at the top, cat eye frames are fun, flirty, and universally flattering for most face shapes. Like the heavy brow bar frames, cat-eye styles give a wearer a retro look and professional gaze all at once. Our glasses from SALT, Lafont and Etnia include various cat-eye frames in a variety of bold colours to pair with the fall season.

  1. Thick and Bold Frames

Fall weather is bringing out the bold, chunky frames, no matter the shape. Overall, thick frames can give any casual wardrobe an adventurous edge, adding an elevated look. Styles from Dita, Eyebobs and Kate Spade illustrate how thick frames add daring, defined lines.

Your new favourite pair for the season is sure to come in one of these distinguishing styles. Visit one of our stores to try on frames featuring these popular fall fashion trends.