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At ArtSEE Eyewear our focus is on customer service but don’t take our word for it read our customer testimonials.

“I would like to thank Trina and her staff for being attentive, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. This was the first time I decided to go to a smaller independent shop for my frames and lenses. The moment I walked in the shop I was wowed by the beautiful frames but what sold me on buying my eyeglasses was when Trina started to help me pick frames which suited my face and would accommodate my particular prescriptions! I had been stuck in the same sort of frame for my last two prescriptions and was tired of the same look and the growing weight of the glasses on the bridge of my poor nose. Trina helped me pick two lovely frames which suit my face and recommended the best lenses for my prescriptions, one for everyday wear and one for reading as recommended by my Optometrist. When I went to pick up my new specs I was browsing the shop and I noticed another set of frames which I really liked and looked great on. Then I sat down and had my fitting and loved my 2 new set of eyes. I walked out a very happy woman who could see and who felt liked she looked fantastic! After a while it turned out I was having some difficulties with the readers and slight difficulty reading the small print with my everyday glasses, I phoned ArtSEE and made an appointment to have the lenses checked. When I went in we went through my prescriptions and checked the lenses which seemed to be a match, it was recommended I return to my Optometrist and and have my eyes tested again. Due to a condition with my eyes my prescription had changed in the reading portion back to my old version. I booked another appointment with Trina, went in with my new prescription and we talked through the options. Trina was fantastic and contacted her lab to see if accommodation could be made to change my lenses to the the new prescriptions my Optometrist had written, and just to make it more difficult I also asked if I could change the frame on my Readers to the set I had seen and loved when I picked up my glasses, the answer was yes to both!! Congratulations to Trina and the people at and connected to ArtSEE who I truly believe run their shop by the good old standard of making the customer happy, which in this day and age is a rare thing. Many thanks” – Tracy

“I want to take this opportunity to thank [Dr. Sara Buckley] for the excellent service that you gave me as you walked me through the process from my old contact lenses to a new prescription with contacts and glasses and to having healthier eyes. I commend you for your patience and understanding as I went through the transitions of many prescription changes over the months when my eyes where shifting. As a client I felt that you were caring and you listened to my concerns. This is a great characteristic that you show as a doctor. I would encourage you to never lose this positive distinctive as it conveys so much to your patients. I also would point out that the entire staff at “ArtSee Eyewear” in your Broadmead office was very helpful, patient and provided excellent service and their actions were not only professional but every visit to your office was a pleasant experience. I commend you for your superior work and your kind manner of providing eye care.” – Harold

“I went to ArtSee for a new pair of glasses and went home with two pairs as I LOVED both of them and couldn’t decide. Amazing service too!” – Tracy

“I have never had a more beautiful pair of glasses, and fell in love with so many frames at ArtSee that it was hard to narrow my choice down to just one. The staff were exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable and fun, and I carry a stack of their business cards in my pocket as I have so many people complimenting them. I try to support local business whenever possible, if you are looking for new glasses this is the place to go.” – Shannon

“Love it! Great staff, great service great glasses! I’ll be back.” – Gerry

“ArtSEE Eyewear has it all: an extraordinary selection of frames that you won’t find elsewhere, highly knowledgeable opticians who know their product lines, and exceptional customer service. If you want a frame you’ll love, along with a great fit and comfort, check out ArtSEE. For years I have been frustrated trying to find more than one frame that is narrow enough for my face. ArtSEE carries a full range of sizes and styles and I always have a choice of several attractive and contemporary styles.” – Carol

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