Did you know that on average, Canadians spend most of their waking hours interacting with a screen? According to various studies and the CIRA Factbook’s researchers, it’s true. They estimate that most individuals spend at least 45 hours each month with a screen of some sort in front of them. And in our opinion, that’s likely one of the things driving the demand for special, anti-fatigue eyewear.

Several major lens manufacturers, including some of our favourites, Nikon and Essilor, design lenses specialized for intensive near viewing demands. Nikon’s RelaxSEE and Essilor’s Anti-Fatigue lenses, are designed for people between the ages of 5 and 45. Sometimes used as a therapeutic lens for children and often recommended for the long hours of studying and staring at screens, these lenses help relax the muscles of the eye, reducing eye strain and headaches.

For the over 45 crowd, “task specific” lenses not only offer the increase in magnification we need, they also offer significant improvements to our posture, positioning the computer distance at a natural head position. Progressive lenses, put the largest priority on your distance viewing, and require a little chin lift to see the computer. That’s fine for an hour, but, doing that all day takes its toll on your neck, contributing to headaches and neck pain. It’s not just computer use that wearers will benefit from, musicians, artists and mechanics are great examples of other users who would benefit. Nikon’s” Online Wide” and “Home and Office” or Essilor’s “Computer” and “Interview” are lenses that have different areas of expertise. The helpful opticians at ArtSEE Eyewear will ask a lot of questions about your work space and activities to help identify the optimal design for your individual needs.

Heavy computer/tablet/smart phone users would also benefit greatly by coating options that help reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes. These devices emit a high level of blue light, a contributing factor to macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness. These coatings can deflect 20% of blue light away from the eye, keeping your eyes healthier. These lenses block out 100% of UV light which is emitted from these electronic devices as well.

These lenses can be used in most of our fabulous frames. We also offer 25% off your additional eyewear for 60 days after your initial purchase. Treat yourself to healthier, happier eyes today!