Just as fashionable eyeglasses enhance your appearance, pairing them with the right makeup will keep you looking fabulous. Whether you prefer a natural look or something more dramatic, these are 4 simple techniques to keep you comfortable and beautiful.

Add a little extra eye makeup. Eyeglasses usually make your eye makeup less visible so it’s okay to add a little more. Of course, it still needs to be meticulously applied.

Perfect your brows. Grooming your eyebrows is one of the quickest and most effective things you can do to make the most of your face. It’s even more important when your glasses are calling attention to that whole area. Getting your brows shaped at a salon takes a few minutes. Show your stylist all the glasses you wear so they can recommend the best option. Then, all you need to do is tweeze stray hairs and fill in any sparse areas with pencil or shadow.

Apply mascara. Mascara brings out your eyes. Combing your lashes first will add more definition. Curling them makes them stand out more and can help if your lashes tend to touch your lenses and leave traces of mascara behind. In that case, be careful to let your mascara dry before you put on your glasses.

Coordinate your eyeliner and shadow. The thickness and colour of your eyeliner should be matched to your frames. Shades that are slightly lighter than your frames will stand out more clearly. Remember to use a thicker line for thicker frames and a thinner line for narrower frames. Lighter shades of eye shadow will also help to avoid the appearance of dark under eye circles.

As a bonus, you probably don’t need to use much makeup on the rest of your face because glasses can be such a prominent and flattering accessory.

What if you can’t see without your glasses to apply makeup in the first place?  We carry “makeup glasses” that offer simple magnification. They have a hinge on the lens the allow you to move one of the lenses out of the way while you apply your makeup and then switch it up to apply for your other eye. A great magnifying mirror can be a super investment as well. They have a good selection of magnifying mirrors at The Bay. If you need something more powerful, they have some great high power magnifying mirrors at the CNIB at the corner of Fort and Richmond.

Contact us for an artistic approach to vision. We offer a generous selection of high quality European and Japanese-made eye wear along with highly trained and knowledgeable licensed Opticians.